Sunday, March 7, 2010

Native Americans and Bigfoot

I think if we have any doubts that Bigfoot is real, we probibly should do some research about Native Americans. After all, they have been here for a very long time. If anyone had seen them, it should've been them.

Now, I don't claim to be any authority on Native Americans. In fact, what I do know of them, one could put on one sheet of paper. But I do have an interest and from time to time I read about them and of their way of life of long ago. I happened to come across a book about the Koyukon Tribe of Alaska about seven or eight years ago, and even then it was 20 years old. It was called 'Make Prayers to the Raven' by Richard K. Nelson (1983). Now this was not a Bigfoot book. it's a book about the traditions and cultures of the Koyukon people.

They told the author what their views are of the bear, crows, ravens and every other creature that lives in the woods. They also told him of the 'Woodsmen". In their language it's called Nik'inla'eena' or, the sneak. I'll type a few excerpts from the book. 'A human creature that occupies the wildlands and remains almost totally alien from society..Woodsmen are real as any other inhabitant of the Koyukon environment, but they are extremely shy and quick to vanish when people come near...Occasionally, they harass people of steal from them, but they are not a great danger...They are especially interesting as a bridge across the narrow gap between humans and animals.' They go on to say that their bodies are covered with short hair and can run very fast. They throw things unseen from the receiver. I could go on and on about the descriptions and behavior, but I'd run out of space here.

I was having a er..couple of cups of coffee with a member of the Penobscott Tribe of Indian Island, Maine a decade ago. I mentioned Bigfoot to him. He said, "Oh yeah, the Elders sometimes talk of it, but we have our own name for it." He told me the name it's called in his language, but I have long since forgot it.

The point I'm trying to make here is, how do the Koyukons know and describe the same animal as we'll say tribes in the Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast of here in our part of the States? It's not like one of the Koyukons or Penobscotts hopped a flight out to the Yakama tribe in the Northwest and learned about Bigfoot. And why does every indian tribe have their own names for them? They surely know about the same creature.

If you're interested in learning more about the names of these creatures and what they're called by the tribes that know about them, there's an excellent site with the list of them provided by Kyle Mizokami, Henry Fronzoni and Jeff Glickman and you can find it here:

Okay folks, see you all next Sunday.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nobody Home Upstairs

Today's topic is going to be very delicate to write. I'm sure there are going to be some people who will disagree with me. However, in my opinion of Bigfoot is that he's not an intellectual. I really wanted to say stupid, but being in a rather magnanimous mood today, intellectually wanting might be a better phrase.

I have many reasons for saying this, but first let me put forth the fact that I am no genius myself so I'm not putting down Bigfoot because I feel superior. There are schools out there that have my report cards framed and placed on the walls of the Principals' offices as a warning to all new teachers that they would at sometime be exposed to people like me. I graduated from high school simply because they thought I was a lost cause and they needed to get rid of me. But being magnanimous, it's really unfair of me to compare myself with Bigfoot, so let's look at a few examples of Bigfoot vs. Caveman.

Cavemen made fire. There are no records of Bigfoot making fire. Cavemen wore clothes (Skins).
There are no sightings of Bigfoot wearing skins. Cavemen had shelters from the weather. Bigfoot might have teepees, but c'mon, look at them! They wouldn't hold back a drop of rain nor a gust of wind. Cavemen drew pictures on cave walls. Bigfoot wouldn't know a charred stick from a carrot. Cavemen had weapons. Bigfoot hunts with his own two hands even though all the makings of weapons are all around them. I'm sure that you the reader could think of others.

It seems to me that Bigfoot has plenty of think time on his hands and it also seems to me that he could use this time to think about improving his lot in life. That is, IF he can actually think of things other than suppertime coming up.

Now let's go to sightings. Here's just a few examples. People have decribed them as walking right in front of their vehicle without even turning the heads and looking at them. Are they deaf? No peripheral vision? People have described them as swaying from side to side while standing still. Do they have some kind of inner music going on there? No, I don't think so. They have been seen just walking around aimlessly. What, no place to go? But I will say in their defense that they have been seen and described as having an intelligent look on their face, however, if you look at my picture on the right side of the page and if you knew what I knew, you would change your opinion of what intelligence is.

Just once, I'd like to read a sighting from someone that sort of goes like this: "I was canoeing down Mudflat Creek and when I rounded a bend, there was Bigfoot. He looked intellectually wanting. He had his back against a tree and his cane pole fishing rod on his knee and a mess of trout on a wire between two forked sticks. It even looked like he had a bottle of beer next to him. When he saw me, he pulled in his line, grabbed his line of fish and off he went." Then and only then, would I compare him to me!

Okay Gang, thanks for dropping by and see you next Sunday.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bob Gimlin

Today, I think I'll write a short blog about someone we've all heard about. Anyone who has seen the Patterson-Gimlin film knows of him. His name is Bob Gimlin.

A couple of weeks ago, Abe Del Rio (Elusive1) asked me if I would be a guest co-host on his MN.BRT Bigfoot show that airs on Blog Talk Radio for the month of February. At the time, I didn't know who he would have on as guests, not did it matter to me. He asked, I accepted. Then I found out that the third week's guest was going to be Bob Gimlin. Anyhing but winning the lottery was not going to keep me away from this show. Both Mike Killen and I had heard that Bob doesn't do Bigfoot shows, otherwise we would have asked him to do our show, but that silver tongued Del Rio had somehow convinced Bob to come on his show, (darn!).

Prior to the show, I mentally had a list of all the questions that I would ask him. I mean, he was there! He was one of only two people that saw and filmed this creature that changed the bigfoot Community at the time. This film has been scrutinized by scientist and lay people alike from all over the world and still is to this day. And, I would get to talk with him.

The first thing that surprised me is, this man is 79 years old and still ropes and rides. Hmm, I would be really grateful if I could reach that age, in a wheelchair while being forced fed and this man is still breaking horses! The second thing is, with all the notoriety that this person has received over the last 40 years, this quiet, unassuming man could be the guy next door.

This was a great interview. Bob gave a step by step description of the encounter. he relates that he never made a dime out of it. His marriage was in trouble for a while because he had been hounded by the media all these years. And all because, as he states also, he was just doing Roger Patterson a favor on going with him on this trip. He calls a 'creek' a 'crick' and talks of wilderness horseback trips like you and I would describe driving to the corner store for milk and bread.

My long list of questions went out the window however. because the chatroom was crawling with questions, I had to settle for 2 or 3 for myself. I did ask him what his very first thought was that he had when he saw the creature? His answer was, 'Why, it's real!" This statement is much bigger than it's three small words because prior to going on this trip, he did not believe in any creature as Bigfoot! There were many questions of this sort and I can't recount them here. If you haven't heard this show already and have an interest in a first hand account of this sighting, then I would strongly urge you to go and give it a listen. Abe and his co-host Evie have an exceptionally good show on Friday nights at 9:00 P.M. Eastern and it can be found here

Oh, by the way, maybe I will get in the questions that I missed. Mike Killen and I will be at the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center conference on May 14-16 and it just so happens that Bob Gimlin will also be there. "Hi Mr. Gimlin, remember me? I just have 30 to 40 questions to ask you. You don't mind, do you?

Okay folks, out of time. Out of space. See you all next weekend.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unknown Primates

After dinner last evening, I decided to get on the internet for awhile. I wanted to Google 'Primate' just in case Mike Killen and I ever had Jane Goodall on as a guest on the show. To hold at least a somewhat intelligent conversation with a Scientist, one needs to do a little homework. The first Google offering was 'Wikipedia' and so I clicked on that one. I quickly scanned the page and there was a lot of information to be read on primates. I noticed that there were lots of statistics also. I love statistics. And so I started in.

I woke up about an hour later with my head on my chest, a little spittle in the corner of my mouth and a stiff neck. I should have realized that I can't digest statistics while in the process of digesting an evenings meal. The two just don't go together. But I did manage to absorb two facts. Humans are listed in the 'Great Apes' category which surprised me because I know some people that I thought are more in the 'Gibbons' group. Also, that there are 424 species of primates or 658 including subspecies. If scientist know and have studied each of these primates, they must have at least taken a DNA sample. Having decided at this point that we'll probibly never have the chance to have Ms. Goodall on the show anyway and at the moment losing my interest in statistics, I clicked off of Wikipedia. I'll get back to it at a later time I promised myself.

But the thought remained about DNA sampling. If all these primates are neatly packaged by categories, and may have been DNA sequenced, what about the results given for submitted hair and scat samples by Bigfoot researchers? Unknown primate is given. It seems to me and logic might back me up, that there's another primate running around not categorized yet. I think we all know that!

Google also told me that in 2005, at least one group of researchers had a million bucks to find and study the Ivory Billed Woodpecker that was supposedly exinct for 60 years. Now was that money from Government grants or donations, I don't know, but it seems that there should be some cash laying around in some scientific foundation or other to find and study Bigfoot.

However, I think that that is where we, the Bigfoot Community, are missing out. We should lose the well known names of these creatures, but keep the descriptions. People are hesitant about donating money to research Bigfoot, but may dig deep into their foundation funds to try to find an Unknown Primate. But we need to keep in mind that like anything else, to get something, we may have to lose something. We have to give up calling these creatures Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunkape, Yeti, Yowie, Boogers (yech) and any other name that has come under skeptic attack and refer them only as 'Unknown Primate'. But hey, a rose by any other name is still a rose!

Our show would become 'The Unknown Primate Quest Show'. Billy Willard's show would become 'Unknown Primate Watch Show'. Abe Del Rio's would be 'MN.UPRT Show' and other shows too numerous to list here would also have to follow suit. Sightings would have to be reported as "ABYZ T.V. reporting live here in Swampview Georgia. Mr. Jones, tell us about your Bigfoot sighting yesturday." " Well, I didn't see a Bigfoot, those things aren't real. What I did see was a 7 foot hairy Unknown Primate over yonder there."

I could suggest other examples, but I'm out of time and space folks. I think you all realize what must be done. See you all next weekend.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Bigfoot Club

Ding Dong. The doorbell. I know who it is. I always know who is ringing the bell on Wednesday and Saturday nights. It's Boyd. It tells me that our 'Bigfoot Club' is about to start and Boyd is always the first to arrive. We've been meeting here for the last two years and we get together to discuss whatever Bigfoot news is out there. The meeting room is conveniently in my cellar. You'll notice that I didn't say basement, because a basement is a place that one could have an actual room with a couch and recliner, maybe a pool table and T.V. versus a cellar where all my junk is stored. I affectionately call my cellar, 'Bob's Bar and Grill'. I even built what could be called a bar if one stood back far enough and I managed to squeeze it in between my table saw and wood planer. However, it does have an outdoorsy feel to it because of all my hunting and fishing stuff neatly piled up where ever I happened to drop it.

I keep the bar well stocked with a six pack of Blatz beer which nobody ever drinks. It's probibly due to the fact that it's so hard to find and no one wants me to go to the trouble of trying to find more. I do have some 'Moxie' for the hard drinkers and some other soft drinks for the non-drinkers. I kept the 'grill' part of the name in there because I do serve chips. I just view it as a technicality.

I hollar out "Come in Boyd, I know it's you!" Boyd comes through the door, "H-h-h-hey B-B-Bob! I h-h-hope e-e-everybody's here!" "No Boyd" I say, "You're the first one here. Why don't you go downstairs until the others arrive. Should be in about fifteen minutes. You can smoke four to five cigarettes until then." V-v-very f-funny Bob. Y-Y-you know I don't want to s-s-s-sit down there by m-m-myself. I'll stay h-h-here with y-y-you and keep you c-c-company."

There was a time that Boyd was not a chainsmoking, paranoid, nervous wreck. He was your normal, well adjusted, Podiatrist by profession guy. That was until I got that phone call. "B-B-Bob! I s-s-saw one! I s-s-saw one! I s-s-saw one up on Slackjaw m-m-m-mountain!" I said, "Boyd, is this a joke?" Boyd said, B-B-Bob, no! I w-w-was by myself and a B-B-Bigfoot stepped out f-f-from behind a t-t-tree!" Boyd's wife tells me he's doing better lately now that he's seeing a therapist.

Ding Dong. It's Pappy. Pappy looks like a younger version of the late, great singer Pavarotti, but not as big. He can't sing a note, but can hum a great Yankee Doodle. "Boyd, Pappys here, he'll go downstairs with you."

Ding Dong. "Hey guys." It's the fourth and fifth members, C.J. and Stonehall. The Wednesday and Saturday time slots are perfect for C.J.. Wednesday because it's the midweek do-nothing day and Saturday is date night so when one of his many lady friends asks him out, he can beg off saying he has a important prior engagement. Stonehall is the quiet one of the group. being a person of few words, he sits and takes plenty of notes. Because nobody ever sees these notes, I'm thinking that he's using them for his own website.

Ding Dong. Our sixth member, Irishman. "Bob, you know I have to be out of here in plenty of time to be home before ten o'clock. The wife'll be calling here if I'm not. so promise me you'll let me know when it's time!"

A third of the way through the meeting, Ding Dong. It's Caryn. "Sorry for being a little late Bob, but I had to finish my blog page and catch the last of the "Glen Beck' show. I'l just catch what I missed on archives."

Archives?We don't record these meetings! I'll have to pay closer attention to that broach pin that Caryn always wears.

Okay Folks, see you all next weekend. As usual, any comments, click comments.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bigfoot Screams

A couple of people are walking in the woods one day. One is an experienced researcher and the other is not. A scream is heard in the area. "Grrraaahhheeeiiii!" "Zak, did you hear that? What in the world WAS that?" Zak turns to him with a knowing smile and says, "that my good buddy, was a Bigfoot scream! I've heard recordings of them before on the internet." "Great Zak, but I'm outta here! See you back at the car."

Like Zak, I've heard a good many recordings on the internet too. I think they are real because I hear some Forest Rangers on the Bigfoot shows on T.V. say they don't have a clue to what is making the scream.

Researchers go out in the woods armed with all kinds of recorders. Some of this equipment is probibly way out of my price range. However, they all do what they're supposed to do. Just some better than others. They record or try to record Bigfoot screams. My problem is, I don't see what they are screaming about. I mean, are they screaming out "Zak, take your good buddy and get off my land!" Or are they communicating with another of their kind, "Lounga, be careful, they's a couple more of 'em here today!" It would be nice if we knew whether it was directed at us or their friends and family.

The other day while out driving, I heard another driver scream at me, "Hey you idiot, what the ****'s the matter with you, you ********!" All I did was turn right with my turn signal saying left. I see other people doing that all the time. I figured I could do it once in a while. However, the other driver didn't bother me a bit. You see, heh, heh, people have been yelling at me all my life. My mother, many bosses, friends and so forth and using about the same phrase as just stated above. In each case, I knew there would be no hurt heading towards my body. Well, my mother would have been the exception.

Now on the other hand, as a kid going to Saturday's theater matinee featuring Tarzan, before he went off to rescue either Boy or Jane from an evil gang of animal poachers, he would let out this blood curdling scream. I took the scream as, "I mean business and I'm definetely gonna put some hurt on somebody's body!" You'd see the lions, tigers and gorillas running for their lives, even though all three were not from the same place. So I guess his scream was pretty loud and terrifying. Anyway, those movies taught me at a young age that whenever you hear a loud and terrifying scream in the woods and you might think it's Bigfoot, then I would assume that it's not directed at his friends or family and my advice is to do as Zaks good buddy said, "I'm outta here and I'll see you back at the car!"

I usually don't sign these blogs because I can always accuse my co-host of writing them.
Okay gang, see you all next weekend.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sorry, but no blog this week

Due to a major overhauling on my computer, there will not be a blog this weekend. I've got all my tools, (hammer, saws, a small sledgehammer, chizels, S.O.S, Braxo, disinfectant, sponges, mask and a few odds & ends, I've decided to get to what I've been putting off for quite some time. Now I know a lot of you will be disappointed, including me, but for a differant reason, meaning it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. Thanks for dropping by and we'll see you next weekend.
Bob C.